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First Winter Acro Yoga Festival in Germany

14. - 17. November 2019


T I M E O U T - A C R O will be the first edition of a 4 day all-inclusive Acro Yoga eekend in the beautiful german national park "Eifel". Give yourself a break from your every-day life routine and join us for 4 days full of Acro Yoga, Acrobatics, Thai Massage, Lunar Practice, Yoga, Sauna, Community and lots of fun!

There will be over 30 different workshops (Acro Yoga, Acrobatics, Handstands, Thai Massage, Wùo Taï Massage, Lunar Practice, Yoga, Capoeira and BodyArt) from beginners level all the way up to advanced level. Free Jam time. Delicious vegan food. Sauna. Chimney. And much more.

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Timeout Acro

4 days

Acro Yoga



Thai Massage

Lunar Practice





What is it all about?


There are 8-, 6- and 4-bed dorms. There are shared toilets and bathrooms on each Floor (women and men separated). We have 3 halls for the Workshops and Jamtime, a healing space, a separate dining area and a cosy chimney room for community time.


There will be delicious vegan food, freshly prepared 3 times per Day by Thomas Glässing. 

There wil be tea and Water provided for free but you can also buy additional drinks on site or bring your own. 



We offer more than 30 Workshops for alle levels from beginners to advanced. Full of Washmachines, Trio Washmachines, Pops, Whips, Icarians, Standing Acrobatic, H2H, Acro Dance, Handstands, Therapeutic Flying, 

Thai Massage, Wùo Taï Massage, Yoga, Capoeira and bodyART...

Additional programm

You want to contrubite in a way that would fit our festival? Healer? Musician? First Aid? Sauna master? Or...?

Great, please get in touch.


“Auszeit Eifel” in 53937 Gemünd is a former youth hostel with plenty of space for a group of around 120 people. One hour drive from Cologne. Surrounded by a peaceful and beautiful forest, with only some horses as neighbours.


The prices include 3 nights of accommodation, all workshops, sauna and 3 delicious vegan meals a day (starting with dinner on Thursday, ending with lunch on Sunday).

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(Subject to change)





Welcome Circle




Acro Games


Friday & Saturday


1h Yoga




Warm-up & Handstands


Workshop Round1



Lunch & Break


Workshop Round2



Workshop Round3




Open Jam



Workshop Round4








Warm-up & Handstands


Workshop Round1


Lunch & Break


Closing Circle &




(more to come)

Paul G..jpg
Paul Griffioen

Paul gives workshops in a wide range of acrobatic figures in L basing as well in S basing. With his inspiring way of teaching it will be challenging for all participants. By using the right techniques you will learn to do the tricks with ease and using of less energy and power. Paul loves to stimulate the participants with his infinite energy and enthusiasm so that you can push your limits with confidence. In Paul's work balance and the right body tension are important themes rather than pure strength.

For the more difficult tricks he will often work with the group on pre-exercises to learn the basics of movements and positions first before you do the real thing. And most importantly you are going to have a lot of fun in his workshops.


Paul has practised acrobatics since 1986 and has studied with the Como Brothers and the Osmani’s. Both are key historical figures in the circus world and have performed all over the world. He currently trains as a flyer twice a week with Wybren Wouda, the base of The Flying Methusalems, at the Codarts Circus School in Rotterdam and once a week as a base in Amsterdam. For the past 30 years he has run acrobatic courses in Rotterdam, Holland. He is a well known teacher at a lot of acrobatic festivals all over Europe and beyond. He specialized himself in icarian games, hand to hand tricks and corbets and cascades. Workshops with Paul are guaranteed to be fun as you discover and explore more partner tricks, transitions & sequences.

Pri & Jen.jpg
Pri and Jen

When they started practicing together, Pri and Jenny suddenly felt a strong connection and a shared vision focused on the investigation of new and fluid dynamic movements. They love all kinds of whipping movements, and especially its momentum to create fluidity. They are always looking for new combinations and new synergetic movements. They are Whips, Whip-pops, and Icarians fanatics. Since she was a child, Jennifer has been in love with movement. She's explored all types of activities such as dancing, climbing, yoga, and so on, before settling her heart on acro. Pri has more than 7 years of experience in acro and since the beginning, he focused on dynamic transitions.  All this time he has organized intensive and advanced acroyoga workshops, as well as taken part in retreats, festivals, and meetings. His latest workshops are part of a successful tour that is taking him to the main European cities to share his passion and knowledge on fluid dynamic transitions.

Tobias Bader

TOBIAS BADER has an enormous and detailed knowledge about Partneracrobatics/ Acrobalance tricks and training technique as well as "Rock'n Roll tricks" & Dance Acro. He has a yearlong teaching background  and knows how to break down a trick and how to provide the necessary cues for both base and flyer. Apart from that he's a singer-songwriter and has a super nice and sweet personality and you definitely don't want to miss the opportunity to train a whole week-end with him and a fun group of acrobats! ;)

Julia Deka

Julia grew up with the practice of meditation and yoga. Today she is a Yogateacher, Certified Teacher Level I+II and AY-Fit Trainer. After studying Sanskrit, Cultural Anthropology and Experiental Education she connected deeply with AcroYoga and ThaiYogaMassage.
Julia has always been passionate about different moving arts like Dance, Theater and Contact Improvisation and its here biggest dream to share her experience and create a space, where people can meet, connect, move and get in touch.

Pow & Mäd.jpeg
Pow & Mäd

Let’s move!

The passion for exercise and physical challenges has been connecting us since we first met. Coming from the Capoeira, we are used to challenge our body and use it playfully. We love sharing the joy and art of movement with others and live it together. For quite some time slacklining and climbing have been important elements of our sporty live and they taught us a lot about strength and balance. And right now our passion is partner acrobatics. Since the discovery of this sport five years ago, we love the combination of communication, togetherness, overcoming boundaries, moving in unison and embarking on new challenges. Since we teach at various levels, we are sure about one thing: You can (almost :)) learn everything. We want to pick you up at your level, respond to you and take you a step further than you though you would be able to. We spend most of our time doing "standing acro". High above the ground, we feel at home.

However, we are convinced that there is a lot of flexibility and work on different levels, which gives our body a foundation and makes it easier for us to progress.

Nevertheless, it always means first of all: exercise, never give up and have fun. Let’s move!

We look forward to inspire you with our enthusiasm. We want to play, work and laugh together with you!

Sara Bauchmuller

Sara gives regular handstand classes in Berlin and tailors her classes to beginners to intermediate - advanced practitioners. With a background in gymnastics she found her way through yoga to Acroyoga and partner acrobatics and is today studying movement therapy in the areas of Pilates and Yoga. She uses the knowledge about the muscle system to create a sustainable and injury-free training and to find everybody’s individual balance point.


Her focus in classes and workshops are on playfulness in a safe environment, exploring the upside-down world, strengthening and partner / group work. Next to focusing on the handstand line itself she loves to teach dynamic tricks including entrances and exits, leg variations, twists, etc. 


Next to her teaching she is co-leading the yoga wear label Pitaya Yoga.

Kasper and Marie.jpg
Kasper Moritz Nielsen and Marie-Therese Pallis

Kasper Moritz Nielsen and Marie-therese Pallis are an acroyoga couple with a passion for technical details and exploring the limits of stability. Their approach to teaching uses both carefully planned progressions as well as games and challenges, to break down the material to manageable sizes. Through presenting core concepts, they invite the students to develop their own understanding through reflection. They love to give the acro a scent of leading and following through nonverbal communication or playing around with imposed limitations to discover challenging balances and transitions.

Catch them if you don’t only want a new washingmachine, but also want to know the principals of how it works, and how to use those, to make your acro run smoother in general.


Traveler, in her soul and in her genes, she has sailed the oceans for 18 years, and then crossed continents in search of her passion-s-. She discovered acroyoga, which was a great source of inspiration and changes in her life. She got certified in Yoga, (Hatha and Yin), then Acroyoga. She discovered Tahi Massage, which she got a certification after an intensive course, and a little later, she discovered Wùo Taï, which again, blew her mind and had a huge impact on her choices and her lifestyle. She teaches those disciplines with passion, and deep dedication to the practice.

Keala Keaka

Kevin and Jeremy >

Kevin and Jeremy...

Nina assists.jpg
Nina Reidel

Nina Reidel is as trainer and coach specialised in change dynamic processes. After studying education science, psychology and journalism, she worked six years as a personal trainer in human resources in Hamburg. In 2014 she spent several months in a small Indian Ashram (Thapovanam Siddashramam Trivadrum) where she started her continous yoga teacher training. Nina combines playfully the topics of yoga, meditation and (self-) leadership. She focusses on stress-management, meditation and relaxation for companies, leadership-development, self- and time-management, mindfulness- and communication-training. She lives in a region called Odenwald, near Heidelberg and works all around Germany.


Nina guides through various gentle forms of yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques. This sort of yoga is suitable for beginners and advanced alike. Nina's style comes from the Nirvana yoga tradition, which is a yoga style that places great importance on relaxation. Nina is also going to offer Reiki Crystal Healing Sessions at the festival.

Anja Commer (2)_n.jpg
Anja Commer

Facebook >

Als Philosophie Studentin, ist es mir wichtig ein Gleichgewicht von Körper und Seele zu erzeugen, denn schon Platon rät:


"Weder die Seele ohne
den Körper noch den Körper ohne
die Seele in Bewegung zu setzen,
damit beide, [...] zum Gleichgewicht
und einem gesunden Zustande gelangen."
(Timaios 88b)

Diese ausgleichende Bewegung erlebe ich im AcroYoga, in der Gemeinschaft und beim Spielen mit den gemeinsamen Bewegungen. Dort erlebe ich, dass Körper und Seele eine Einheit bilden.

Neben dem AcroYoga unterrichte ich bodyART® Kurse. Dieses Training hat eine ungeahnte Tiefe in meine Bewegungen gebracht und mir zu einem neuen Körper- und Selbstbewusstsein verholfen. Aus der bodyART Praxis ist meine Leidenschaft für Bewegung entsprungen, die ich nun mit meinen Kursteilnehmern teile.


Für das Time Out AcroYoga Festival in meiner alten Heimat Gemünd werde ich meine Leidenschaft für fließende Bewegung im Workshop "Flow Work" mit euch teilen. Dort erwartet euch ein taffes Mobilitytraining und wir tauchen ein, in fließende Bewegungen am Boden, die euch auf die fließenden Bewegungen in der Luft vorbereiten sollen.

philip nootz.jpeg
Philip Nootz

Philip Nootz from the Acrooo Team has been addicted to acrobatics for years and since 2016 is teaching regular acro classes in Cologne and Bonn mainly focussing on L-Base. He loves to make people see what their bodys are able to do and helps them to overcome the limitations in their heads. He blieves acro is a strong tool for self-developement, building community and friendships and simply having fun.

Monkey Mind Bodywork

Robert (from Saarbrücken, Germany) has always been fascinated by movement and healing. Being a relentless seeker, learning new skills and helping others are some of his life goals. Since he discovered that Acro, Yoga and Thai Massage are united in AcroYoga he became #Supermotivated and travels a lot to learn and teach. Working as a Biotechnical Lab-Assistant, Freelance Translator and Life Coach, he is a Man of a thousand skills: Juggler, Capoeira Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Animal Moves Basics Instructor, Thai Massage and NLP-Master Practitioner. He is also said to have healing hands and teaches classes and workshops for Juggling, Capoeira, AcroYoga and Thai massage. Now he included relaxation, hypnosis, meditation and holistic life coaching to his portfolio.

Take a look (and like 😉) his Facebook page or take an appointment at our healing space to get a first-hand impression.



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