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5 day acro yoga festival in Germany
wed 01. November - sun 05. November 2023

what is it all about?

timeout-acro autumn edition 2023 will be the 5th edition of our Timeout Acro Festival. And this time its even one day more. Don´t miss our 5 day all-inclusive Acro Yoga weekend in the beautiful german national park "Eifel". Give yourself a break from your every-day life routine and join us for 4 days full of Acro Yoga, Acrobatics, Thai Massage, Lunar Practice, Yoga, Sauna, Community and lots of fun!

There will be over 30 different workshops (Acro Yoga, Acrobatics, Handstands, Thai Massage, Wùo Taï Massage, Lunar Practice, Yoga, Capoeira and BodyArt) from beginners level all the way up to advanced level. Free Jam time. Delicious vegan food. Sauna. Chimney. And much more.


5 days
Acro Yoga
Thai Massage
Lunar Practice


We have 8-10 bed dorms and 4-bed dorms. There are shared toilets and bathrooms on each Floor. We have 3 halls for the Workshops and Jamtime, a healing space, a separate dining area and a cosy chimney room for community time. Due to the hight of our celings its not suitable for advanced standing Acrobatics. 


There will be delicious vegan food, freshly prepared 3 times per Day. Besides that, there will always be at least a little snack available. 

There will be coffee, tea and water provided for free, but you can also buy additional drinks on site or bring your own. 



We offer more than 30 different Workshops for all levels from beginners to advanced. Full of Washmachines, Pops, Whips, Icarians, H2H, Acro Dance, Entry to Standing Acrobatics, Handstands, Therapeutic Flying, Thai Massage, Yoga, movement...

Additional programm

You want to contribute in a way that would fit our festival? Healer? Musician? First Aid? Sauna master? Or...?

Great, please get in touch.


“Auszeit Eifel” in 53937 Gemünd is a former youth hostel with plenty of space for a group of around 120 people. One hour drive from Cologne. Surrounded by a peaceful and beautiful forest, with only some horses as neighbours.


The prices include 4 nights of accommodation, all workshops, sauna and 3 delicious vegan meals a day (starting with dinner on Wednesday, ending with lunch on Sunday).







Welcome Circle




Acro Games

thursday & friday & saturday




1h Yoga




Warm-up & Handstands


Workshop Round1



Lunch & Break


Workshop Round2



Workshop Round3




Open Jam



Workshop Round4










Warm-up & Handstands


Workshop Round1


Lunch & Break


Closing Circle &






find here our amazing teacher ensemble:

Marco & Jess
icarians, whipps

It’s like a little explosion, what comes together here. Marco (Cuzio): always been fascinated by observing the biomechanics of acrobatic movement. And Jessica: passionate about finding the best preparing paths to build a functional acrobatic movement. Together they are Acrolinks. And since they train and teach together, they are setting new standards in Acro, especially in Icarians. Not knowing each other yet, both started their acrobatic journey as parkour teachers in Italy. One of the reasons, why solo acrobatics plays a fundamental role in their practice, understanding of the movements and also in their teaching. When they first met, they immediately recognized in each other a special and similar way of feeling and expressing the movement, which created an unbelievable connection through which they could instinctively trust each other. This also influences their workshops and classes, as it is important for both, that the students first find out the sensation of an acrobatic movement and get in touch with their own preparation, so once they try in partner acrobatics, they will be supported by this knowledge of their body. What they love about this kind of teaching, is seeing students transform their practice and understanding the movement and at the same time understanding their Acro-partners in a more supportive way. For being able to realize this harmony in the movements, both emphasize the importance of a constructive communication, the feeling of oneself and the partner, so both can step into a physical and non-physical dialogue. That’s probably their secret, cause otherwise they would not be able to step over the limits as they regularly do and invent new crazy movements.

Nenad & Jelena
washmachines, Acrodance

NS Acrobalance Formed by Nenad and Jelena in 2016 as a result of mutual work and love for partner acrobatics. As we advance in our own practice through exploring acro on our own, creating choreographies and performing them, learning from others, and also sharing our knowledge, our goal is to make acro approachable for everyone and share all the tips and tricks we learned along the way.

Mat & Salva
handstand, movement, montreal

After years of martial arts, Mathieu explored disciplines including parkour, dragonboat, climbing, hand balancing - before Acro entered his life.

Skills of balance, subtlety, strength quickly became  favorites - basing, flying, everything in between.

Connecting and creating through partnership is what hooked him up. Sharing this practice is with cooperation, progression and listening as guiding pillars.

Kilian & Tanja
washmachines, whipps

Tania discovered acroyoga in 2016 and it has been love at first sight. 

Before she practiced judo for many years, teaching and doing competitions, then she discovered aerial silk and from it she came across acro. Since then, she is passionate and enthusiastic about it. She loves communicating through the body movement and guiding people in this journey. 

Kilian discovered acroyoga in 2018 after having practiced many sports. In acroyoga he found the perfect package for himself. On the one hand searching for perfection of execution & understanding of movements. On the other hand, always keeping an eye on the softer side of acro. He enjoys the process of creating new flows, taking time to just play around or guiding others.

Together they teach regularly since 2019 and they are especially excited about whip-pops and icarians.

Jannis & Frieda
washmachines, Luna

Jannis is a specimen of the family of acrobats, most often seen in Berlin laying on his back with hands and feet sticking towards the sky, waiting for fellow tribesmen to fly. To ensure joyful and safe flight conditions he cultivates creativity, communication, trust and airtime. Although he has mainly been basing for the last 8 years, his current mission is to grow a pair of wings and become airborne.

Frieda is often to be found balancing herself upside-down, wrapped around a poledancing pole or just cart-wheeling outdoors. She discovered Acroyoga in 2017 and with it the joy of movement.  This brought her as far as to quit her engineering career and start studying again to become a physiotherapist.

What she most treasures of acroyoga is the playfulness, spontaneity, community feeling and the laughs when a pose does not look or feel as cool as you’d think.  

For her it is never time to stop flying but she really enjoys stubbornly practicing her basing skills.  She has been co-organizing Jams and regular Acroyoga events for the acro communities in Mannheim and Heidelberg and offers beginner and intermediate workshops in her community as well as at various acrobatic events.

Peter & Julie
washmachines, handstand, movement

Peter and Julie are well-known faces in the Danish Acroyoga community who are a down to earth family with their son. In Acro, they are fun-loving and nerds when it comes to the fine details of timing and technique. Their approach as teachers is about communication, trust and principles of thinking, not dogmatic rules or one-size-fits-all instructions. They teach weekly in Copenhagen and at retreats and festivals around Europe.

Time Out Acro 2021 (76).jpg

Julia & Paulo
handstands, standing acro, washmachines

Julia and Paulo both do Acrobatics for many years now but only met one year ago. From the first training together they had a strong connection in Acro so they started teaching together. With Standing Acrobatics and Icarians they merged their style in teaching to provide the students a structured and refined way to learn and improve tricks. Through their years of experience and training with different partners they accumulated a deep knowledge of common mistakes and a fundamental understanding on how to approach tricks that yet seem out of reach. In order to make their students succeed they like to offer technical details and explainations of the mechanics of a skill. 


Julia has a background in cheerleading and gymnastics which she also used to coach. Paulo was a very active person thought his whole life and played handball for the youth national team in Portugal. He spent some years in the Army where he was in charge of the physical education for his soldiers. 


Maybe they will make you work hard but it will be worth it.

Juri Kussmaul is a certified AcroYoga teacher, circus performer, musician and artist of many disciplines. Originally from Kyrgyzstan, based in Berlin. 10 years ago, after studying Architecture and Sculpture (fine art) he discovered his passion for Acroyoga and Partner Acrobatics. Since then he's researching, teaching and performing a mixture of Acroyoga combined with the pleasure of the game from physical theater which he studied at physical theater schools in France (Phillippe Gaulier) and Italy (Matteo Destro).
Well known for his circus duo Barada Street and his playful Acroyoga classes he's travelling the world and sharing his passions.

„Every human has the inherent necessity to learn, imitate, connect and understand. As Children we learn with fun and pleasure. Becoming an adult we lose this connection of playing and learning for different reasons. Life gets more serious and our „inner critic“ is growing so that we get blocked in our body and mind to express and enjoy ourselves. In the game we're children again who trust in their impulses, enthusiasm and playfulness. We see and embrace this quality in practicing Acroyoga and look forward to playing with you in a trustful atmosphere.“


Anja & Susanna
acroyoga & movement

Anja Commer aka. AnYeah Fitness has been teaching movement sessions since 2016. In the AcroYoga community she feels at home and enjoys the open and heartful communication with each other. For Anja the best experience in AcroYoga is to be able to grow way upon your personal potential because together you are stronger. She feels carried and is able to let herself go - especially in a big, warm cuddle net. She wants to be able to fly and base every acroposition and to be able to do it on the left side as well as on the right side.

She offers training which consists of functional movement patterns which are performed without any equipment. Fun is the key factor in her training and so the physical limit gets expanded, the participant is getting more flexible, gains endurance and of course stronger. After each movement session there follows the regeneration and for this process Anja leads you through active stretches and shows you myofascial self massage with help of fascia equipment.

Whilst studying migration policy in Brighton (UK) in 2014, Susanna found her way to acrobatic yoga, which provided her with a worldwide community and a lively connection with other people – the yogic Sangha. It also (re)ignited her love for movement – with others, but also during yoga practice.


Susanna loves flying and basing in equal measures, and knows how to make same-size flows work. Her favourite part in acro is the connection between all participants, building trust and having fun while doing so. And of course she loves learning new moves and combining them to flowy washing machines!


Finally, she sees acrobatics and yoga as a way to experience yourself and to connect with the world.


Susanna is a certified PartnerAcrobatics and yoga teacher, and she’ll happily explore boundless possibilities with lots of laughter with you.


yoga, thai massage

Lucía - Since she was little she is passionate about movement, Yoga, AcroYoga, music and dance, later she focused also on psychotherapy and ThaiYoga Massage . 


She loves connecting with people, creating a safe space for everybody and empowering all to believe in their own strengths. 


She is looking forward to sharing Yoga and ThaiYoga Massage; and of course jam until midnight.

Marie and Kevin
lunar, flowy washingmachines

When Marie flys you, you’ll feel the perfect harmony between grace and power. Pedagogue of heart and mind, she’ll know how to lead you on your quest to find harmony, giving you precious and adapteds advices. Passionated by acroyoga and notably spins, she sadly do not support for a long time the icredible speed she reachs on the foot of her spin’s partner, reminder by the way the most beautiful galaxys that collapse on themself because of their how gravity.


When Kevin bases you, you’ll feel your forgotten wings grow. Soft on his feet, agile on his gests and powerful on his legs, he’s passionnated by spin and the harmony that emanates from it. Careful, he saves his hips for a few precious sessions of acroyoga in order to preserve them from the extremely taxing work of basing spins, and thus hopes to be able to base until the life leaves is body. He will accompany you to touch harmony, feel the spin, find the right moves ; those who burn your legs as those who heal and preserve.


fire & juggle

Alizée (Acroconnexion) is what is commonly called an acro-addict. She initiates all the people she meets, hoping that one day we can all greet each other balanced on top of each other. She first trained in Hatha and Vyniasa yoga during a trip to India. Having found strength, flexibility and confidence thanks to Indian learning, she became passionate about the dynamics of bodies in fusion with each other as well as pedagogy. She then did a pedagogy diploma in circus arts to develop her artistic practice, while taking acro workshops every week-end. Her aim was to be able to transmit while diversifying her teachings with a specialization in acro-lifts (Handstands, L-basing & Standing Lifts).

She is now a circus teacher and artist in France. Always motivated for new adventures, she enjoys taking people with her and encouraging them to exceed their limits


capoeira & massage

Robert has always been fascinated by movement and healing. Being a relentless seeker, learning new skills and helping others are some of his life goals. Since he discovered that Acro, Yoga and Thai Massage are united in AcroYoga he became #Supermotivated and travels a lot to learn and teach. Working as a Biotechnical Lab-Assistant, Freelance Translator and Life Coach, he is a Man of a thousand skills: Juggler, Capoeira Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Animal Moves Basics Instructor, Thai Massage and NLP-Master Practitioner. He is also said to have healing hands and teaches classes and workshops for Juggling, Capoeira, AcroYoga and Thai massage. Now he included relaxation, hypnosis, meditation and holistic life coaching to his portfolio.

Take a look (and like 😉) his Facebook page or take an appointment at our healing space to get a first-hand impression.

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